August 20, 2010

Light Up the Voids

Materials: Cotton string, glowsticks and wire

Below: Soaking cotton string into glowstick liquid

Knitting Surfaces

A big thank you to Siran and her Transformer team (from last years Architecture Week Exhibition) for giving us venetian cords from their project last year to play with and reuse in our design models. 

August 16, 2010

Concept 2.0

Our concept is based on the book lung of a spider and its ability to filter oxygen from the outside into the hemolymph (spider’s blood) before circulating it around the body. This circulatory system provides the spider nutrients and oxygen, crucial to its survival.

We took the idea of flow and filtration of the book lung and integrated it into our Skyrise. We wanted to show the performance of the natural circulatory movements of spider’s book lung by creating a sense of movement and liveliness within our Skyrise.

We previously planned to create air movement by pumping air into the inner chamber. This will generate a rushing sensation for the occupants within, metaphorically breathing life into our Skyrise. As the air moves between the exterior and interior of our Skyrise, it would create a response for the people outside and inside simultaneously.

However, we felt the pumping of air is just an accessory to the overall design of the Skyrise and is not cohesive with our overall tensile structure. Therefore we looked into kinetic installations and building fa├žade that captures the sensuous movements of the nature, enhanced by technology and ever-changing.

We plan to experiment with the tensile quality of our design and create movement with the simple characteristics of string and knitting.

More facade projects click here

Inspiration: Kinetic Sculptures

We previously looked into kinetic architecture and sculptures to find a way to animate and add liveliness to our skyrise.

D4 Sheds 1+2 Site visit

D4 site visit: Shed 1+2

August 8, 2010

Enter the Lymphian





August 3, 2010

Intervention: "Filtering" Experiment

Jury Presentation

Jury Presentation

Video Slides (10-15)
  • Inspirations
  • Photoshop images ppl & animal
  • Video of swarms
  • Music/sound

  • Swarm
  • Booklung
  • Layer filters

Physical Model
  • Knitting
  • Mechanical
  • Interaction air movement

August 2, 2010

Inspiration: Spider Anatomy

Microscopic Perspective

Left to right, up then down
1. Silk Strand being stretched
2. Silk Strands
3. Leg Hair/Claw
4. Exoskeleton Shell
5. Booklung
6. Swarm

Model and Material

Experimenting with various materials

Muse - Hydraulic System in Spider Legs
Material: Plastic tubing, water
Exploring the potention for air movement/colour distribution

Forrest - Hair on Spiders leg
Material: Paper, wooden skewers
Hair on the leg of spiders used for sensing

XinYa - Filtration/Light
Materials: Plastic packing sheet, thin slices of packing sponge, cotton string
Book Lungs, Shell, Molting, Web

Inspiration: Webtagging and Janet Echelman

Webtagging: Spider web + Spray can

Janet Echelman's work encomposes the grace and fragile nature of the web beautifully

Her Secret is Patience, 2009 Civic Space Park, Phoenix, Arizona