October 4, 2010

Booklet V1.2

Rope Burn

As part of our health and safety plan we tested the flammability of the rope. 
It turned out to be slow burning.
We plan to have a fire distinguisher near the our Skyrise at the event as a precaution.

Loop the Loop

Knitting Day #1: Casting on...
We made a new loom to make the continuous fascade

3 Days Later... and several metres later...

8mmx200mx14 = A Lot of Rope

 A big thank you to ITWProline for finding the time to support us in our Skyrise Project. Thank you for supplying us Zenith Cotton Sash Rope in such a short space of time.

Time for Structure 1:1


Starting the structure with the widest section to test out various instability issues and the stacking method. The double column with insert made the vertical support stronger.

26 Piece of Plywood Later...

Thank you to Gunnersen for supplying us with Renior Beech Plywood. 
With your support, we have began cutting and constructing our structure to support our knitting.