September 9, 2010


Lighting up the Prototype

Expermenting with lighting over knitting. Light from inside and from outside. Atmosphere: Warmth

Structure Prototype

Making the prototype in 1:10 scale

Structure Development

Left: Refining the design, developing the layering.
Right: Divided in sections for easier assembly for our structure

Structural System for Protyping Experiment

Section Drawing for Mid-semester Crit

This poster summarises the characteristics of our Skyrise. We aim to achieve the following:

The outer layer of knitting rises from the ground to the top of the Skyrise before inverting back into itself, creating a central hanging seat before reconnecting with the ground again. To emphasis the notion of flow and filtration, the ground is padded to create an undulating inner surface that compresses when a person sits or walks over it and regenerates itself when the person leaves. At the same time, the varying forces pull on the tensile structure, inducing subtle movements in the overall Skyrise, in particular the opening and closing of the aperture at the top of the structure, created by the deflection of the structure.